AJ just turned 3; we hope he sees many more birthdays

Meet AJ on this Thank God on Friday… He has just turned 3.  Happy birthday, AJ.

AJ was diagnosed with hypothalamic glioma last month. Due to the size and location of his tumor, the doctors said it’s too risky to remove it. He did have a shunt placed in his brain to help drain the fluid off it. He started chemotherapy earlier this week and will continue to have it for at least two years. He is being treated at The American Childrens Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.


The family gives all their thanks for everyone’s kind words, thoughts and donations from Friends4Michael.

“It is comforting to know there are organizations like yours to help so that I can solely focus on helping my little boy get better,” said Julie, his mom.

Here’s to more birthdays down the road for AJ!