The mission of The Friends4Michael Foundation is to support children like Michael and their families, to keep alive the memory of Michael and his spirit, to increase awareness of the devastating effects of brain tumors on afflicted children and their families and to continue to “Fight for a Cure” for this horrible disease.

In support of this mission, the Friends4Michael Foundation provides supplementary financial assistance to families, guardians or caregivers with financial needs resulting from expenses associated with the child’s brain tumor treatment. This program covers specific non-medical costs related to a primary brain tumor diagnosis. Direct medical expenses will not be covered. The Family Assistance Committee (FAC) within the Freinds4Michael (F4M) Foundation processes all requests for the Foundation. Grants of up to $500.00 per family, guardian or caregiver are available for those families that meet the following criteria:

· The patient must be a child (defined as a person age of 18 or younger at the time of diagnosis.)

· The patient must be undergoing treatment for a brain tumor as defined by doctors the Foundation consults within the medical community.

· The request for assistance must be submitted by a certified Social Worker on the behalf of the family.

· The request/need must be validated by a member of the FAC via telephone interview with the submitting Social Worker.

· Grant checks will be made directly to the child’s parents. If the child’s parents are not involved in the care of the child or have abdicated their responsibilities, grant checks will be made to the child’s legal guardian or caregiver.

· Families are eligible to receive one Family Assistance grant every 12 months.

This is a link to our Family Assistance formFamily Assistance Form (download to submit by email)

Please return it to us by mail to the following address:

2510 N. Castle Rock Drive, Tucson, AZ 85749

For faster response, you can scan and email the form to
(Note that a parent or legal guardian must sign the application)