Friends4Michael Running Team

Welcome to the Friends4Michael Foundation Running Team!

Few things in life are more rewarding than the personal achievement of finishing a race after months of training and preparation! One of those things is knowing you have impacted the lives of children battling cancer along the way. When you run with us, you’ll be helping families who are battling childhood brain tumors, as well as helping fund national level research.

The Friends4Michael Foundation Running Team is perfect for runners of all experience and ability levels. We’ll pay your entry fee, give you a great team shirt to rock, host a pasta party the night before the race, give you information about fundraising and race details through a Facebook Running Group, and support you on the course on race day!

Click the logos below to run the NYC or Marine Corps Marathon with the Friends4Michael Running Team!

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We have had Friends4Michael Foundation runners in big, “bucket-list” races for over 15 years: Marine Corps Marathon partners since 2003, NYC Marathon partners since 2014, and LA Marathon partners since 2015. We also have tons of Independent Runners running and raising throughout the country in small groups at a variety of races. ANY RACE you want to run can be a FRIENDS4MICHAEL race! More details on our Independent Runners page.

We set our fundraising minimums as low as the race partner races allow us, because we know that once you’re involved with this great cause, you’ll be inspired to raise much more than that.

Whether you’re just interested in our team or fully ready to commit to this year’s races please join our Friends4Michael Running Group: Friends4Michael Running Team Facebook Group

To run one of our big races with us (LA Marathon, Marine Corps Marathon or 10K, NYC Marathon), you will need to complete these THREE quick steps:

1. Complete the Friends4Michael Foundation application by visiting the EVENT that you want to run. This will get us all of the information we need to get you registered with the race and a shirt in the mail to you.

2. Set up and share your fundraising page. See the specific instructions on the EVENT page.

3. Register yourself officially with the actual race! We will email you instructions on this step (usually a link or code to use). Without doing this final step, you will NOT be registered for the race and will not have an entry to pick up. Please make sure you’re looking for our notes and add to your safe senders.

If you have questions or are interested in running with us for ANY upcoming race, please email Michael Tilton:

Fight For A Cure!