• What do we do?

    The mission of The Friends4Michael Foundation is to support children like Michael and their families, to keep alive the memory of Michael and his spirit, to increase awareness of the devastating effects of brain tumors on afflicted children and their families and to continue to “Fight for a Cure” for this horrible disease.

    The primary effort of the Foundation is to provide assistance, including financial, to families across the country whose children are fighting a brain tumor. The Foundation also provides support for directed charities which supported Michael in his memory. Finally, the Foundation continues to support the Race for Hope, which we call “Michael’s Run” because this was Michael’s way of giving back. Funds raised at this run supports brain tumor research.

    Keeping alive Michael’s memory and spirit.

    Please help this great cause and join Michael’s Fight for a Cure!

Our Core Values

    • Be Compassionate

      Most of the members of the Foundation Baord were close witness to the devastating effects Michael’s fight had on his family and on Michael. We know that a family-or a single mother or father-would give everything they had for a cure including all their time. Their entire focus is on their suffering child. We will do everything we can to make our process quick and simple.

    • Be Responsive

      We realize that we cannot provide each family with enough funding to “make it all better”, but also know that when families turn to our Foundation, they need help quickly. They need to fix the car they use to take their child to radiation treatments. They need to pay a heating or rent bill so that they can bring their child to a warm house when they are released from their hospital.

    • Be Accessible

      We are available for families and social workers at all times. We often share our personal mobile numbers with families and social workers to be there for them. We have cried on the phone with parents and we have worked with bankers on Christmas Eve to get checks cashed. This is not a job for us, it is a passion.

    • Build Community

      We are the embodiment of “small but mighty.” From a few friends, we have quietly built a community. This community includes all the families we have helped, the social workers with whom we work to help the families, our Friends4Michael Running team particpants and most especially our donors. They know what we are all about and how we are making a difference. Together we are strong beyond our individual strengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What criteria do you use to help families?
    We realize that families whose child is fighting a brain tumor and come to us for help, need help quickly.  Our only criteria to help a family is if they have a child 18 or under being treated in the United States.  Families who contact us need help – that is all the information we need.
  • How do we apply for assistance
    Please go to our Family Assistance link and complete our simple, one-page form.  We know that families do not want to spend time completing lengthy forms nor do they want to have to collect all of their financial information.  We want to help quickly!
  • How soon will we receive assistance?
    Our goal is to process each application for assistance in less than three day – that is not three business days, either!  Three calendar days!  For a family whose child is fighting a brain tumor, every day is a business day!  Once we have confirmed the information submitted on the application, we send a check to the family.  We know that they need help quickly – that is our focus.

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